• Step into Summer with Historic New York Lefkada Collection

    Posted by Hannah Rose

    Historic New York is proud to debut its Spring/Summer 2017 collections: Lalibela and Lefkada.

    One of my favs is the Sappho Of love Coral Dress from the Lefkada collection, it’s the perfect summer dress! The inspiration behind it, of course, has some historical reference...(Would you really expect anything less from us?) The Coral Dress is inspired by the Greek island of Lefkada, located in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece.

    This dress is a (Greek) god-send this season. Not only will it turns heads with its dark turquoise colouring but the island vibes it’s giving off are totally on trend right now! The honeycomb knit is made from a super-soft rayon material that keeps it fitting close to the body. But don't worry; there is enough stretch in the fabric to flatter all body types.

    Styling tips: You can wear this piece during a hot summer day with a cute pair of flats or sandals. Or you can wear it for a date night/night on the town with your girls. Pair with a heeled ankle strap sandal and gold bracelet to add even more polish to the look!

    If you're a fan of the Coral Dress, you're going to love the Mediterranean Sea Dress. This dress features the same honeycomb knit. The black colouring is accented by flecks of green and yellow at the base layer of the dress and it hits just above the knee. This subtle sophistication mixed with the fun, flirty mini Coral Dress, make both must-have dresses for summer! 



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  • Historic New York Invites You to Explore The Beauty Of The Past

    Posted by Hannah Rose

    Fashion changes over time so it is easy to revisit markedly different trends throughout history and revive them. This gives life to new trends, new clothing and new art.

    Turning Artifacts Into Art

    Historic New York is a luxury fashion brand that collects inspiration from time periods, including the Prehistoric Era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance Era, the Victorian Era and the Edwardian era, just to name a few. These are all windows into a time that we haven't lived or experienced. The stories are handed down to us through artifacts. Historic New York pays particular interest to things like paintings, architecture, antiques, sculpture and philosophy. These works are reproduced on clothing and so continues the transmission of history. Only the medium has changed.

    The Only Clue to What Man Can Do Is What Man Has Done

    (R.G. Collingwood)

    The inclusion of past narratives is essential to modern story telling especially in the realm of fashion and design. Historic New York is a brand that looks to the past to create for the present and preserve in the future. The company’s fresh perspective on the past is told through collections, such as "The Historian," "Historic Book" and "Glory Windows”. Each piece is a frame tale comprised of innovative prints, rich fabrics and bold detailing.

    The Past Never Looked So Good  

    It is important to reflect on works of art that seem worlds over because their story is always relevant. So go ahead, stop and stare at a beautiful panting, look down and notice the detail in a ceramic tile, put together the pieces of stained glass windows, and close your eyes and really listen to the music. This way of processing things is what Historic New York is all about! It is the level of detail they put into every one of their designs not only to educate customers, but to inspire them.


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